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Episode list for show Legacies, season all

Episode list for serie Legacies (season all)
Season Episode Air Date Name
112018-10-25This Is the Part Where You Run
122018-11-01Some People Just Want to Watch the World Burn
132018-11-08Were Being Punked, Pedro
142018-11-15Hope Is Not the Goal
162018-12-06Mombie Dearest
172018-12-13Death Keeps Knocking on My Door
182019-01-24Maybe I Should Start from the End
192019-01-31What Was Hope Doing in Your Dreams?
1102019-02-07Theres a World Where Your Dreams Came True
1112019-02-21Were Gonna Need a Spotlight
1122019-02-28Theres a Mummy on Main Street
1132019-03-07Boy Who Still Has a Lot of Good to Do, The
1142019-03-14Lets Just Finish the Dance
1152019-03-21Ill Tell You a Story
1162019-03-28Theres Always a Loophole
212019-10-10Ill Never Give Up Hope
222019-10-17This Year Will Be Different
232019-10-24You Remind Me of Someone I Used to Know
242019-11-07Since When Do You Speak Japanese?
252019-11-14Screw Endgame
262019-11-21Thats Nothing I Had to Remember
272019-12-05It Will All Be Painfully Clear Soon Enough
282019-12-12This Christmas Was Surprisingly Violent
292020-01-16Couldnt Have Done This Without You, I
2102020-01-23This Is Why We Dont Entrust Plans to Muppet Babies
2112020-01-30What Cupid Problem?
2122020-02-06Kai Parker Screwed Us
2132020-02-13You Cant Save Them All
2142020-03-12Theres a Place Where the Lost Things Go
2152020-03-19Life Was So Much Easier When I Only Cared About Myself
2162020-03-26Facing Darkness Is Kinda My Thing
312021-01-21Were Not Worthy
322021-01-28Goodbyes Sure Do Suck
332021-02-04Salvatore: The Musical!
342021-02-11Hold on Tight
352021-02-18This Is What It Takes
362021-03-11To Whom It May Concern
372021-03-18Yup, Its a Leprechaun, All Right
382021-03-25Long Time, No See
392021-04-08Do All Malivore Monsters Provide This Level of Emotional Insight?
3102021-04-15Alls Well That Ends Well
3112021-05-06You Cant Run from Who You Are
3122021-05-13Was Made to Love You, I
3132021-05-20One Day You Will Understand
3142021-06-10This Feels a Little Cult-y
3152021-06-17New Hope, A
3162021-06-24Fates a Bitch, Isnt It?
412021-10-14You Have to Pick One This Time
422021-10-21Theres No I in Team, or Whatever
432021-10-28We All Knew This Day Was Coming
442021-11-04See You on the Other Side
452021-10-14Thought Youd Be Happier to See Me, I
462021-10-21Youre a Long Way from Home
472021-10-28Someplace Far Away from All This Violence
482021-12-09You Will Remember Me
492021-12-16Cant Be the One to Stop You, I
4102022-02-24Story of My Life, The
4112022-03-03Follow the Sound of My Voice
4122022-03-10Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost
4132022-03-31Was This the Monster You Saw?
4142022-04-07Only Way Out Is Through, The
4152022-04-14Everything That Can Be Lost May Also Be Found
4162022-04-28Wouldnt Be Standing Here If It Werent for You, I
4172022-05-05Into the Woods
4182022-06-02By the End of This, Youll Know Who You Were Meant to Be
4192022-06-09This Can Only End in Blood
4202022-06-16Just Dont Be a Stranger, Okay?
Season Episode Air Date Name
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