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for now, the only way to contact me is by e-mail: admin_nospam4823 [at] showstopped [dot] com. You can use this address for every inquery: forgotton passwords, problems creating accounts, bugs, copyright issues, sponsoring deals,...


This website is aimed at people just like me... People who dispise content creators like netflix (and many others) for cancelling popular shows on major cliffhangers. You've been watching 4 seasons of show "X", you're really invested into all the main characters and you're loving all those pesky storylines... However, some bigshot at the headquarter dedices that the show costs more than the income they get from new subscribers for this show, so they pull the funding.
This wouldn't be that bad if shows closed all their major story arc's at the end of each season... But no... They usually end each season on a big cliffhanger...
So, who's the victim here: the people that payed their netflix, hbo, disney, hulu,... subscription and got invested in a show they helped fund with their monthly membership feesi
Using this site is a big "NO" to those companies... No longer will you be forced to start watching a show only to discover it has been cancelled ages ago...
Offcourse, this website can only be used for shows that actually got cancelled... We cannot predict wether a currently running show will be cancelled... But if it is: you'll probably find out on first!


Everything you see on this site is for personal use only. You are not allowed to redistribut any content.
Most of the content added to is added by members... If they uploaded copyrighted material or commited plagiarism: let me know and i'll delete the infringing material ASAP after reviewing any proof you send me!
I'm not responsible for any losses you might incur by using this site: i'm not responsible for any wrong or incomplete information, i'm not responsible for loss of time, loss of job, loss of health, loss of life or the uploading of copyrighted material by members of this site!


I'm storing any information you enter when you create an account, and i'm storing your ip address if you decide to use the voting function and on account creation. My server logs also contain all actions performed by you (but they are rotated once in a while)...
In the future i might work together with add agencies that might or might not track you and keep your information... You'll have to look at their respective privacy policy if you want to know more
I'm currently not using cloudflare, but i might switch if i ever get DDos'ed... If i make the switch, they will be able to track you
I will not spam you, if you create an account your email will only be used for account related stuff (sending activation mails, sending mails when you lose your password, sending mails if you infringed copyright,...)


  • How do i contact you => See at the top of this page
  • I cannot upload my favorite cancelled show's poster => I don't want to risk somebody uploading NSFW (or plain XXX) posters because i want to keep this site minor-friendly. If you added a show, and you have a poster you own the rights to, you can send it to me by mail (images [at] showstopped [dot] com
  • Are there faster ways to get to a show => YES... You can change our url by https://[keyword or imdb code] to go directly to your favorite show
  • What's your angle with this site? How do you make money without selling my data? => At the moment, i don't... I had some hosting, and a domain name is like $10/year... I was so pissed after netflix cancelled the show i was watching on a major cliffhanger, i dediced to make sure other people don't waste their time on shows like that, so i made this site... It's possible that, if the bandwith costs rise in the future, i might add some small banners somewhere on my site, but i'll never sell your data


At the moment, i'm running this site 100% ad-free. If you want to help me maintain everything and pay for domain name and hosting, a tip is always welcome...
I'm a big crypto fan, my BTC address is here: bc1qlhnvhzth8vrd69ylvdcsh5s5j7tsssx8c6vrv4
If you want to donate with any other form of crypto (LTC, DOGE, ETH,...), or even with paypal, cash or wire transfer, my email is admin_nospam4823 [at] showstopped [dot] com: contact me and we'll set something up... I can't give much in return, but you'll get a spot on this very page, as a donator... Either anonymous, or if you contact me before a donation, i can also enter any (SFW) details you want next to your donation :)

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