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Episode list for show Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, season all

Episode list for serie Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (season all)
Season Episode Air Date Name
121993-09-26Strange Visitor (From Another Planet)
131993-10-03Neverending Battle
141993-10-10Im Looking Through You
151993-10-17Requiem for a Superhero
161993-10-24Ive Got a Crush on You
171993-10-31Smart Kids
181993-11-14Green, Green Glow of Home, The
191993-11-21Man of Steel Bars, The
1101993-11-28Pheromone, My Lovely
1111993-12-12Honeymoon in Metropolis
1121994-01-02All Shook Up
1141994-01-23Illusions of Grandeur
1151994-02-06Ides of Metropolis, The
1171994-02-27Rival, The
1191994-03-27Fly Hard
1201994-05-01Barbarians at the Planet
1211994-05-08House of Luthor, The
211994-09-18Madame Ex
221994-09-25Wall of Sound
231994-10-02Source, The
241994-10-09Prankster, The
251994-10-23Church of Metropolis
261994-10-30Operation Blackout
271994-11-13That Old Gang of Mine
281994-11-20Bolt from the Blue, A
291994-12-04Seasons Greedings
2111995-01-08Chi of Steel
2121995-01-22Eyes Have It, The
2131995-02-12Phoenix, The
2141995-02-19Top Copy
2151995-02-26Return of the Prankster, The
2161995-03-12Lucky Leon
2181995-03-26Tempus Fugitive
2191995-04-02Target: Jimmy Olsen
2201995-04-16Individual Responsibility
2211995-05-14Whine, Whine, Whine
2221995-05-21And the Answer Is...
311995-09-17We Have a Lot to Talk About
321995-09-24Ordinary People
341995-10-15When Irish Eyes Are Killing
351995-10-22Just Say Noah
361995-11-05Dont Tug on Supermans Cape
371995-11-12Ultra Woman
381995-11-19Chip Off the Old Clark
391995-11-26Super Mann
3101995-12-10Virtually Destroyed
3111995-12-17Home Is Where the Hurt Is
3121996-01-07Never on Sunday
3131996-01-14Dad Who Came in from the Cold, The
3141996-01-21Tempus, Anyone?
3151996-02-11Now Pronounce You..., I
3161996-02-18Double Jeopardy
3181996-03-10Forget Me Not
3191996-03-24Oedipus Wrecks
3201996-04-28Its a Small World After All
3211996-05-05Through a Glass, Darkly
3221996-05-12Big Girls Dont Fly
411996-09-22Lord of the Flys
421996-09-29Battleground Earth
431996-10-06Swear to God, This Time Were Not Kidding
441996-10-13Soul Mates
451996-10-20Brutal Youth
461996-10-27People v. Lois Lane, The
471996-11-10Dead Lois Walking
481996-11-17Bob and Carol and Lois and Clark
4101996-12-08Stop the Presses
4111996-12-15Twas the Night Before Mxymas
4121997-01-05Lethal Weapon
4131997-01-19Sex, Lies and Videotape
4141997-03-02Meet John Doe
4151997-03-09Lois and Clarks
4161997-03-16AKA Superman
4171997-04-12Faster Than a Speeding Vixen
4181997-04-19Shadow of a Doubt
4191997-04-26Voice from the Past
4201997-05-31Ive Got You Under My Skin
4211997-06-07Toy Story
4221997-06-14Family Hour, The
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