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Episode list for show Lucha Underground, season all

Episode list for serie Lucha Underground (season all)
Season Episode Air Date Name
112014-10-29Welcome to the Temple
122014-11-05Demonios, Los
132014-11-12Crossing the Border
142014-11-19Thrill of the Hunt
152014-11-26Boyle Heights Street Fight
162014-12-03Key, The
172014-12-10Top of the Ladder, The
182014-12-17Unique Opportunity, A
192015-01-07Aztec Warfare
1102015-01-14Law of the Jungle
1112015-01-21Last Luchador Standing
1122015-01-28They Call Him Cage
1132015-02-04Johnny Mundo vs. The Machine
1142015-02-11Shot of El Patron, A
1152015-02-18Eye for an Eye
1162015-02-25Caged Animals
1172015-03-04War Started in Mexico..., A
1182015-03-11No Escape
1192015-03-18Grave Consequences
1202015-03-25Art of War, The
1212015-04-01Uno! Dos! Tres!
1222015-04-08Mask Versus Mask
1232015-04-15Fire in the Cosmos
1242015-04-22Trios Champions
1252015-04-29Way of the Drago, The
1262015-05-06Best in the Business, The
1272015-05-13Ancient Medallions
1282015-05-20Shoots and Ladders
1292015-05-27Fight to the Death
1302015-06-03Submit to the Master
1312015-06-10Desolation of Drago, The
1322015-06-17All Night Long
1332015-06-24Death vs. The Dragon
1342015-07-01Gold and Guerreros
1352015-07-08Fuel to the Fire
1362015-07-15Beginning of the End, The
1382015-07-29Ultima Lucha - Part I
1392015-08-05Ultima Lucha - Part II
212016-01-27Much Darker Place, A
222016-02-03Dark & the Mysterious, The
232016-02-10Hunt Is on..., The
242016-02-17Cero Miedo
252016-02-24Machine, The
262016-03-02Gift of the Gods Ladder Match
272016-03-09Death Comes in Threes
282016-03-16Life After Death
292016-03-23Aztec Warfare II
2102016-03-30Jefe is Back, El
2112016-04-06Bird of War
2122016-04-13Threes a Crowd
2132016-04-20Monster Meets Monster
2142016-04-27Cage in a Cage
2152016-05-04No Mas
2162016-05-11Graver Consequences
2172016-05-18Crime & Punishment
2182016-05-25Enter the Mundo
2192016-06-01Judgment Day
2202016-06-08Contenders, The
2212016-06-15Six to Survive
2222016-06-22Fame & Fortune
2232016-06-29Phoenix, the Dragon and the Spaceman, The
2242016-07-06Ultima Lucha Dos - Part I
2252016-07-13Ultima Lucha Dos - Part II
2262016-07-20Ultima Lucha Dos - Part III
312016-09-07Wheel of Misfortune
322016-09-14Amulet, The
332016-09-21Ultimate Opportunities
342016-09-28Brothers in Broken Arms
352016-10-05Prince and the Monster, The
362016-10-12Open Road to Revenge, The
372016-10-19Payback Time
382016-10-26Gifts of the Gods
392016-11-02Loser Leaves Lucha
3102016-11-09Ready for War
3112016-11-16Aztec Warfare III
3122016-11-23Every Woman Is Sexy, Every Woman Is a Star
3132016-11-30Breaker of Bones
3142016-12-07Bulls of Boyle Heights, The
3152016-12-14En La Sombras
3162016-12-21Battle of the Bulls, The
3172016-12-28Gauntlet, The
3182017-01-04Evil Rising
3192017-01-11Gods Among Men
3202017-05-31All Night Long... Again
3212017-06-07Sudden Death
3222017-06-14Cup Begins, The
3232017-06-21Family First
3242017-06-28Macho Madness
3252017-07-05Left for Dead
3262017-07-12Fenix to the Flame, A
3272017-07-19Fade to Black
3282017-07-26Booyaka! Booyaka!
3292017-08-02Hunger Inside, The
3312017-08-16Cup Runneth Over, The
3322017-08-23Cueto Cup, The
3332017-08-30Havoc Running Wild
3342017-09-06Career Opportunities
3362017-09-20Rise of the Ring Announcer
3372017-09-27Ultima Lucha Tres - Part I
3382017-10-04Ultima Lucha Tres - Part II
3392017-10-11Ultima Lucha Tres - Part III
3402017-10-18Ultima Lucha Tres - Part IV
412018-06-13Jefe, El
422018-06-20Darkness and the Monster
432018-06-27Rest in Pieces
442018-07-04Pain, Love and Sacrifice to the Gods
462018-07-18Break the Machine
472018-07-25Gift That Keeps on Giving, The
482018-08-01Ranks of the Reptiles, The
492018-08-08Match Made in Heaven, A
4102018-08-15Snake Scorned, A
4112018-08-22Last Man or Machine Standing
4122018-08-29Till Death Do Us Part
4132018-09-05Circle of Life, The
4142018-09-12Pet Cemetery
4152018-09-19Hunted, The
4162018-09-26Kill Mil
4172018-10-03Moth and the Butterfly, The
4182018-10-10Spiders and Skeletons
4202018-10-24Seven to Survive
4212018-10-31Ultima Lucha Cuatro Pt. 1
4222018-11-07Ultima Lucha Cuatro Pt. 2
Season Episode Air Date Name
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