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Episode list for show Luke Cage, season all

Episode list for serie Luke Cage (season all)
Season Episode Air Date Name
112016-09-30Moment of Truth
122016-09-30Code of the Streets
132016-09-30Whos Gonna Take the Weight?
142016-09-30Step in the Arena
152016-09-30Just to Get a Rep
162016-09-30Suckas Need Bodyguards
182016-09-30Blowin Up the Spot
1102016-09-30Take It Personal
1112016-09-30Now Youre Mine
1122016-09-30Soliloquy of Chaos
1132016-09-30You Know My Steez
212018-06-22Soul Brother #1
222018-06-22Straighten It Out
232018-06-22Wig Out
242018-06-22Get Physical, I
252018-06-22All Souled Out
262018-06-22Basement, The
272018-06-22On and On
282018-06-22If It Aint Rough, It Aint Right
292018-06-22For Petes Sake
2102018-06-22Main Ingredient, The
2112018-06-22Creator, The
2122018-06-22Cant Front on Me
2132018-06-22They Reminisce Over You
Season Episode Air Date Name
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