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Episode list for show One Day at a Time, season all

Episode list for serie One Day at a Time (season all)
Season Episode Air Date Name
111975-12-16Anns Decision
121975-12-23Chicago Rendezvous
141976-01-06How to Succeed Without Trying
151976-01-13David Loves Ann
161976-01-20Julies Best Friend
171976-01-27Super Blues
181976-02-10All the Way
191976-02-17Fighting City Hall
1101976-02-24David Plus Two
1111976-03-02Julies Job
1121976-03-09College Man, The
1131976-03-16Father David
1141976-03-23Dad Comes Back: Part 1
1151976-03-30Dad Comes Back: Part 2
211976-09-28Runaways: Part 1, The
221976-10-05Runaways: Part 2, The
231976-10-12Runaways: Part 3, The
241976-10-19Runaways: Part 4, The
251976-10-26Barbaras Emergence
261976-11-09Davids New Job: Part 1
271976-11-16Davids New Job: Part 2
281976-11-23Upholstery Ripoff, The
291976-11-30Schneiders Pride and Joy
2101976-12-07Visit from Dad, A
2111976-12-14Maestro, The
2121976-12-28Happy New Year
2131977-01-04J.C. and Julie: Part 1
2141977-01-11J.C. and Julie: Part 2
2151977-01-18New Car, The
2161977-01-25Schneider Loves Ginny
2171977-02-01Ginnys Child
2181977-02-08Julies Operation
2191977-02-15Traveling Salesperson, The
2201977-02-22Butterfields, The
2211977-03-01Barbara Plus Two
2221977-03-08Singles Bar, The
2231977-03-15College Question, The
2241977-03-22Girls Alone, The
311977-09-27Older Man: Part 1, The
321977-10-04Older Man: Part 2, The
331977-10-11Older Man: Part 3, The
341977-10-18Older Man: Part 4, The
351977-10-25Anns Out-of-Town Client
361977-11-01Bob Loves Barbara
371977-11-08Second Mrs. Cooper, The
381977-11-22Ghost Writer, The
391977-11-29Barbaras Friend: Part 1
3101977-12-06Barbaras Friend: Part 2
3111977-12-13Schneiders Kid
3121977-12-27Anns Crisis
3131978-01-03Race Driver: Part 1, The
3141978-01-10Race Driver: Part 2, The
3151978-01-17Anns Secretary
3161978-01-30Barbaras Rebellion
3171978-02-06New Owner, The
3181978-02-13Anns Competitor
3191978-02-27Dress Designer, The
3201978-03-06Take the Money
3211978-03-13Barbara the Fink
3221978-03-20Julies Big Move: Part 1
3231978-03-27Julies Big Move: Part 2
3241978-04-03Ann, the Father
411978-09-18Father, Dear Father: Part 1
421978-09-25Father, Dear Father: Part 2
431978-10-02Anns Friend
441978-10-16Bobs New Girl
451978-10-23Schneiders Helper
461978-11-06Yes Sir, Thats My Baby
471978-11-13Dating Game, The
481978-11-20Peabodys War
491978-11-27Jealousy: Part 1
4101978-12-04Jealousy: Part 2
4111978-12-11Arab Connection, The
4121978-12-18Hold the Mustard
4131978-12-25Girl Talk
4141979-01-17Married Man: Part 1, The
4151979-01-17Married Man: Part 2, The
4161979-01-24Married Man: Part 3, The
4171979-01-31Going Nowhere
4181979-02-07Francine Strikes Again
4191979-02-14Dental Hygienist, The
4201979-02-21Piano Teacher, The
4211979-02-28Broken Nose, The
4221979-03-07Mad for Each Other
4231979-03-18Graduation, The
4241979-03-25Fear of Success
4251979-04-08Grandma Leaves Grandpa
4261979-04-15Schneider Gets Fired
511979-09-30Back to School
531979-10-14Julies Wedding: Part 1
541979-10-21Julies Wedding: Part 2
551979-10-28Home Again, Home Again
561979-11-04Between Mother and Daughter
571979-11-11Small Wonder
581979-11-25Et tu, Ann?
591979-12-02Little Larceny, A
5101979-12-09Heart Attack
5111979-12-16Male Jealousy
5121979-12-30Happy New Year II
5131980-01-06Schneider, the Model
5141980-01-27Triple Play
5151980-02-03So Long, Mom
5161980-02-10Old Horizons
5171980-02-17Endless Elliot
5181980-02-24Retrospective: Part 1
5191980-02-24Retrospective: Part 2
5201980-03-02Girl with a Past
5211980-03-09Perils of Plastic
5221980-03-16No Laughing Matter
5231980-03-23Connors Crisis
5241980-03-30Grecian Yearn
5251980-04-06Pen Pals
5261980-04-13Spirit Is Willing, The
611980-11-09Teachers Pet
621980-11-16Amarillo Connection, The
631980-11-23Ann Meets Nick: Part 1
641980-11-30Ann Meets Nick: Part 2
651980-12-07Farewell, My Suite
661980-12-14Merry Widow, The
671980-12-21Drop Out, The
681981-01-04Shot in the Dark, A
691981-01-11Sunday Father
6101981-01-18November Song: Part 1
6111981-01-18November Song: Part 2
6121981-02-01Five Fingered Discount
6131981-02-15Do, I Do, I
6141981-02-22Tiny Romance, A
6151981-03-08Out of Bounds
6161981-03-15Once a Mom
6171981-04-05Alexs Project
6181981-04-05Caveat Emptor
6191981-04-19Small Wonder II
6201981-05-03Wicked Ann
6211981-05-10Indianapolis Story
711981-10-11Alex Moves In
731981-10-25Shake Hands
741981-11-08Julie Shows Up: Part 1
751981-11-15Julie Shows Up: Part 2
761981-11-29Dinner at Seven: Part 1
771981-12-06Dinner at Seven: Part 2
781981-12-20Plain Favorite
791981-12-27Alexs First Love
7101982-01-03Not So Silent Partner
7111982-01-17Gift Horses
7121982-01-24Stick em Up
7131982-01-31Anns Failure
7141982-02-07Grandmas Nest Egg
7151982-02-21Barbaras Crisis
7161982-03-07Mrs. OLearys Kid
7171982-03-14Diamonds Are Forever
7181982-03-21Defector, The
7191982-03-28Meow, Meow
7211982-04-11Vegas: Part 1
7221982-04-18Vegas: Part 2
7231982-05-02Orville and Emily
7241982-05-09Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow
7251982-05-16Its in the Cards
811982-09-26Perfect Wedding: Part 1, The
821982-10-03Perfect Wedding: Part 2, The
831982-10-10Honeymoon is Over, The
841982-10-17Catcher in the Mud
851982-10-24Last Time I Saw Paris
861982-10-31Auntie Francine
871982-11-07Lovers & Other Parents
881982-11-21Miracle of Birth: Part 1
891982-11-28Miracle of Birth: Part 2
8101982-12-12First Things First
8111982-12-19Pride and Privacy: Part 1
8121982-12-26Pride and Privacy: Part 2
8131983-01-02Pride and Privacy: Part 3
8141983-01-23Cruise, The
8151983-01-30Spare the Child
8161983-02-13Hero, The
8171983-02-20Good Life, The
8181983-03-06Social Insecurity
8191983-03-07Young Mans Fancy, A
8201983-03-14Letter, The
8211983-03-21Buyers Remorse
8221983-03-28Sonny Boy
8251983-05-16Second Time Around
8261983-05-23Honeymoon II
921983-10-16Take My Ex
931983-10-23Dentist, The
941983-10-30Bedtime Story, The
951983-11-06Worried Heart
961983-12-04Baby Love: Part 1
971983-12-04Baby Love: Part 2
981983-12-18Travel Agent
991983-12-25Not a Creature Was Staying
9101984-01-01Sams Apartment
9111984-01-08Dear Max
9121984-01-15Never Hire a Relative
9141984-03-07Woman of the House
9151984-03-14Parting Company
9161984-03-21Ave Romano
9171984-04-04Bring in the Clowns
9181984-04-25Up in Smoke
9191984-05-02Meaning of Life
9201984-05-14Nearness of You, The
9211984-05-21Off We Go
9221984-05-28Another Mans Shoes
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