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Episode list for show Scorpion, season all

Episode list for serie Scorpion (season all)
Season Episode Air Date Name
122015-03-16Single Point of Failure
132015-03-24Cyclone, A
152015-04-06Plutonium Is Forever
162015-04-14True Colors
172015-04-20Fathers Day
182015-04-28Risky Business
192015-05-04Rogue Element
1132015-09-01Kill Screen
115Forget Me Nots
1162015-09-21Love Boat
1172015-09-28Going South
1182015-10-05Once Bitten, Twice Die
1192015-10-12Young Hearts Spark Fire
122Postcards from the Edge
212016-06-18Satellite of Love
222016-06-21Cuba Libre
232016-06-25Fish Filet
252016-07-02Super Fun Guys
262016-07-04Tech, Drugs, and Rock n Roll
272016-07-10Crazy Train
28Area 51
292016-07-18US vs. UN vs. UK
210Arrivals and Departures
211Old College Try, The
2122016-08-01Dam Breakthrough
2132016-08-01White Out
2142016-08-06Sun of a Gun
2152016-08-08Da Bomb
2182016-08-21Fast & the Nerdiest, The
2202016-03-21Djibouti Call
221Twist and Shout
222Hard Knox
2232016-09-11Chernobyl Intentions
224Toby or Not Toby
31Civil War
32More Civil War
33It Isnt the Fall That Kills You
34Little Boy Lost
35Plight at the Museum
36Bat Poop Crazy
372016-11-07Were Gonna Need a Bigger Vote
38Sly and the Family Stone
392016-11-21Mother Load
3102016-12-12This Is the Pits
311Wreck the Halls
312Ice Ca-Cabes
313Faux Money Maux Problems
3142017-01-23Hole Truth, The
3162017-02-13Keep It in Check, Mate
3172017-02-20Dirty Seeds, Done Dirt Cheap
3182017-02-27Dont Burst My Bubble
3192017-03-13Monkey See, Monkey Poo
320Broken Wind
3212021-08-16Rock Block
322Strife on Mars
3232017-05-01Something Burrowed, Something Blew
324Maroon 8
325Scorp Family Robinson
422021-11-22More Extinction
432021-11-23Grow a Deer, A Female Deer
442021-11-24Nuke Kids on the Block
452021-11-29Sci Hard
462021-12-01Queen Scary
472017-11-06Go with the Flo(rence)
48Faire Is Foul
49Its Raining Men (of War)
410Crime Every Mountain
4112017-12-11Who Let the Dog Out (Cause Now Its Stuck in a Cistern)
4122017-12-18Christmas Car-Roll, A
413Bunker Games, The
4142018-01-22Lighthouse of the Rising Sun
4152018-01-29Wave Goodbye
4162021-12-21Nerd, Wind & Fire
4172018-02-26Dumbster Fire
4182018-03-05Dork Day Afternoon
419Gator Done
4202018-03-26Foul Balls
421Kenny and the Jet
4222018-04-16Lie in the Sand, A
Season Episode Air Date Name
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