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Episode list for show Z Nation, season all

Episode list for serie Z Nation (season all)
Season Episode Air Date Name
112014-09-12Puppies and Kittens
122014-09-19Fracking Zombies
132014-09-26Philly Feast
142014-10-03Full Metal Zombie
152014-10-10Home Sweet Zombie
162014-10-17Resurrection Z
172014-10-24Welcome to the Fu-Bar
192014-11-07Zombie Die... Again, Die
1102014-11-14Going Nuclear
1112014-11-21Sisters of Mercy
1122014-11-28Murphys Law
1132014-12-05Doctor of the Dead
212015-09-11Murphy, The
222015-09-18White Light
232015-09-25Zombie Road
242015-10-02Batch 47
262015-10-16Zombie Baby Daddy
272015-10-23Down the Mississippi
282015-10-30Collector, The
2102015-11-13We Were Nowhere Near the Grand Canyon
2112015-11-20Corporate Retreat
2122015-11-27Party with the Zeros
2132015-12-04AdiĆ³s, Muchachos
2142015-12-11Day One
2152015-12-18All Good Things Must Come to an End
312016-09-16No Mercy
322016-09-23New Mission, A
332016-09-30Murphys Miracle
342016-10-07Escorpion and the Red Hand
352016-10-14Little Red and the Wolfz
362016-10-21Doc Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest
372016-10-28Welcome to Murphytown
382016-11-04Election Day
392016-11-11Heart of Darkness
3102016-11-18They Grow Up So Quickly
3112016-11-25Docs Angels
3122016-12-02Siege of Murphytown, The
3142016-12-16Everybody Dies in the End
412017-09-29Warrens Dream
422017-10-05Escape from Zona
432017-10-13Vanishing, The
442017-10-20New Mission: Keep Moving, A
452017-10-27Unknowns, The
462017-11-03Back From the Undead
472017-11-10Warrens Wedding
482017-11-17Crisis of Faith
492017-11-24We Interrupt This Program
4112017-12-08Return to Mercy Labs
4122017-12-15Mt. Weather
4132017-12-15Black Rainbow, The
512018-10-05Welcome to the Newpocalypse
522018-10-12New Life, A
532018-10-19Escape from Altura
552018-11-02Killing All the Books
572018-11-16Docs Stoned History
592018-11-30Water Keepers
5102018-12-07State of Mine
5122018-12-21At All Cost
5132018-12-28End of Everything, The
Season Episode Air Date Name
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