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The Innocen** was cancelled!
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Name: The Innocents

Last known status: cancelled-cliffhanger

Start Year: 2020

Description: Looking like a young, handsome and charismatic businessman from the outside, Han is filled with his family's painful memories and tragedy inside. After returning from the U.S., he devotes his life to his sisters and his dad. His sisters suffer from physiological problems, as a tragic consequence of their childhood traumas and family history. Safiye, as the main victim of the family's traumatic past, suffers from extreme OCD, forcing her to clean everything at least four times with soap, including her own body, causing bruises on her body. Gulben, who still wets her bed even as a young woman, is dependent on Safiye, trying to help her all the time and ease her pain. The youngest, Neriman, suffers from asthma and self-harm, scratching her skin until making it bleed severely. Han isolates himself from any social activity or any kind of joy until the day, he sees Inci and immediately falls in love with her. For the first time in his life, Han will seek out his happiness. (source: imdb)

IMDB code: tt12694046

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